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Early Modern Parisian Soundscapes

Reviews of website and The Powers of Sound and Song, now available in paperback

Both this website and Nicholas Hammond's book, The Powers of Sound and Song in Early Modern France, have received reviews from journals and websites from a wide range of disciplines. The book was awarded the runner-up prize for the 2020 R. Gapper Book Prize, for the best book published the previous year on any aspect of French Studies.


Very favourable reviews have appeared in the Journal of Modern History by the 18th-century scholar Laura Mason, in the prestigious journal Renaissance Quarterly, and another review by leading historian Mark Greengrass in French History. In 2024, the book features prominently in a review article by Paul Michael Johnson in Exemplaria.


A whole issue of H-France Forum devoted to both book and website appeared in December 2020.


A review by John Romey was published also in December 2020 in the Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music, including in it another performance of the "Grands Dieux" song that is at the centre of the book.

Two German-language reviews have appeared: here and here.

See also two reviews by Paul Scott, one in French Studies, and the other on the website Paris Update.



The book can be ordered as a hardback, paperback or e-book on various bookselling websites and at: