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Authors of Songs

Writing and singing songs on the Pont-Neuf was a risky business, as police spies were placed on the bridge to monitor the content of politically subversive or morally dubious songs. It is therefore little surprise that so many of the songs pointed out the need to maintain anonymity, such as in this song from the beginning of the eighteenth century.

L’autheur de ce vaudeville,

Ne dira jamais qui il est;

La raison est qu’il se plait,

Avoir de loin la Bastille;

Il ne dira point son nom,

Ni s’il est garcon ou fille,

Il ne dira point son nom,

Ainsi finit sa Chanson. 

[The author of this vaudeville will never say who he is. The reason for this is that he

is happy to stay far away from the Bastille; he will not say his name, nor if he is a boy

or a girl, he will not say his name, and so ends his song.]


Now listen to the song performed by Katie Bray and 'Badinage': You can follow Jonathan Rees's arrangement of the song here:



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